It’s very difficult to preach about staying positive when you feel far from it. I don’t want to come across as hypocritical. I think it is important to reach out for help and advice during a time like this, but I also think it is important to be totally transparent.

I have noticed a lot of articles, blog posts etc on staying positive during lock down and there is nothing wrong with that (I did one as well remember). But it has made me realise that a lack of transparency and honesty can make you feel alone. I have tried out numerous ways to keep me afloat during this current outbreak, but no matter what I do I still can’t budge the feeling of hopelessness. Seeing posts online from people offering advice is really positive, but it does also make you think ‘What am I doing wrong?’ And ‘Everyone seems to be getting it together, why can’t I?’

It is super important to spread positivity right now, but I think it is equally important to talk about your HONEST feelings. For example, my friend seemed to have it all together on Instagram. Posting daily updates, looking happy, having fun. It was great to see she was doing well but at the same time I couldn’t help thinking ‘how come I can’t feel positive like that?’ The truth is, she messaged me telling me she has been feeling awful. It might seem bizarre for me to say this, but it made me feel better. We are all human. And I guarantee my breakdown was also what she needed. Because, after that we were able to talk. Rant. Cry. Laugh.

Having an honest conversation is super important. You may not feel comfortable talking about your feelings to the friends who’ve got the lock down down (does that work?). But you need to talk about it.

In no way am I saying ‘it’s ok to give up because everyone else is feeling the same’

No. Because I really do believe we can all get out of this feeling positive. And I am trying, REALLY trying to look after my mental health.

It is never ok to give up – especially at a time like this. I wrote this blog post hoping to address the fact everyone needs support. Even if your friends seem to have it together, they might not. Reach out to friends, check in on colleagues, look after yourself and eachother. We are all going through this together and you may think you are all alone in feeling the way you do but you aren’t.

Hey, I cried at Cheaper by the Dozen last night because I wanted a hug from my mum so bad.

We aren’t supposed to be pros at this. We had little warning that this would happen, we couldn’t prepare. It is ok to feel awful in a time as awful as this. Please remember that.

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