I have been working from home for four days now…

Has it been easier than I thought? Yes.

Has it been difficult? Yes.

Has it been frustrating? Yes.

In other words, I have pretty much felt every emotion at some point over the last few days. Being shut in the house without the option to go out is driving me crazy (as it probably is for the majority of the population) but I am powering through. Each day has been a learning curve, so I thought I’d share a few tips for you all.

To start, I thought I would sum up the last four days as briefly as possible.

Monday – Got sent home from work. Freaked out for an hour because THIS WAS NOT IN THE PLAN. Had to get over the loss of structure. How do you do that?? Create a new one of course. I made myself a weekly planner. This was the first thing I did to save myself from a meltdown as routine keeps me calm. I organised my new office space and made sure there was lots of sunlight.

Before I continue, I should probably say that when I am on the verge of a meltdown I can’t stop moving. Distraction keeps me occupied and out of the meltdown faze. Basically, I did A LOT on Monday.

I did gardening, reading, watched some television, took the dog for a walk and obviously worked.

Tuesday – Basically the same. I woke up early took the dog for a walk, went to pick up my prescription (jokes on me the queue was as long as the street) I gave up and came home. Read in the garden, watched TV, ate food, did a puzzle and listened to music. Oh and I worked.

Wednesday – Had a video chat with my work colleagues (my worst nightmare…it’s so unnatural and awkward!) I read in the garden, went for a run, read in the garden again (oh and finished my book) Worked? Sort of. Had a catch up with Mum, listened to music, did a puzzle and watched Hannah Montana.

And here I am now. The sun is still shining. I am about ready to scream in to a pillow, but I am functioning. So here are my tips:

  • Create a timetable – Stick to it as much as possible. Break down the hours of the day to ensure the tasks and times to complete them are as specific as possible. This will then stop you from feeling all over the place and will create a structured routine.
  • Create a workspace which is tidy and bright. Ensure there is a lot of natural daylight to keep your mood up.
  • Listen to music regularly – If you are in a job which does not require you to take regular phone calls, then stick on the radio, a podcast or your favourite playlist. This will help you feel less alone and happier.
  • Drink lots of water and eat fruit! The temptation to stuff my face with chocolate throughout the day is a constant battle, but I have made sure the house is stocked with lots of fruit to snack on.
  • Exercise! If you are living in the UK, you will know that Boris has said a form of exercise a day is necessary so make the most of this. Go for a run, walk the dog or a quick bike ride. I would also suggest to do this around lunch time. This is when the weather is best and it breaks up the day.
  • And finally, the tip that has saved my sanity…keep your mind busy. This has really helped my productivity and mental health by breaking up the tasks in the day. What I mean is, I would work for 30 mins – 1hr then read in the garden for 30 mins, then work for an hour then do a puzzle etc. Making sure you have regular breaks whilst at home will ensure you keep motivated and productive. Staring at a screen for 4 hours will only make you feel awful, especially when the weather is so nice. Everyone is in the same situation, everyone needs time to breathe. At work, you are able to walk around the office, talk to your colleagues, go for a 5 minute break outside. At home you need this more than ever. Not having that social aspect means leaving your desk for 10 minutes is even more important so don’t forget it.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record so I am not going to end this with some motivational quote. I am hoping that the tips I have provided will be enough! Hopefully you find at least one of them useful (and not too cliché).

I won’t be blogging daily as I have realised that I will run out of things to write about pretty quickly. I have decided Thursday seems a pretty good day to upload a post. Again, if there is anything you wish to see from me, please comment as I would love to hear your suggestions.

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