Like most autistic people, I have many special interests. Some come and go, whilst a few are never ending (my family get pretty tired of it). One positive thing we can definitely take away from social distancing is really taking the time to work on those interests and find new ones!

I am definitely trying to stay positive at the moment. Dealing with all sorts of emotions (frustration, fear, anxiety, stress, agitation to name a few) can be extremely draining, so it is important to try and occupy yourself as much as possible.

It is daunting to think that at any moment the UK could be on full lockdown and the little freedom we have left, will be taken from us. Ensuring you have plenty to keep your mind and body busy is important, so make sure you think about the things you enjoy and prepare some tasks for when the time comes.

For example, I love reading, gardening and knitting. I have started growing some vegetables and saved some tasks to do in the garden to keep me occupied when it comes to isolating. I have taken lots of books out of the library and stocked up on wool for some knitting designs! Fortunately for me, most of my hobbies are easy to do at home but there are definitely ways around those that may be difficult to do whilst social distancing.

Maybe you like exercising down the gym? There are so many apps and youtube videos out there for home exercises. Mix it up and do it in the garden? Or get your favourite gym partner on facetime and do it together.

You may be in to live music and all of your gigs in the coming months have been cancelled. Watch old tour videos, learn something interesting about a band. Or if you are feeling super adventurous, purchase a musical instrument and start learning! Maybe by the time this blows over, you could have your favourite song nailed on the guitar.

I know there are many hobbies which are near impossible to do whilst isolating, but I wanted to suggest a few ways to work around those which could be possible.

The idea of this post is to remind you to think positive, despite the inevitable changes and stress that lie ahead.

  • Create a list of tasks you have been dying to accomplish for so long
  • Play around with that craft you have been wanting to try for years
  • Exercise!!! Look after your mind and body always.
  • Find an online course to complete
  • Gardening – grow some vegetables or some sunflowers and have a competition with your friends over a group chat

These are just a few ideas to keep you occupied and relaxed during the times ahead. If this is something that you think may be useful, I will be happy to provide a more in depth post on hobbies to try? But I’ll leave that up to you.

Look after yourself, stay calm and remember everyone is with you in this.

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