I have heard this statement being thrown around a lot lately and wanted to discuss my own thoughts and views. Yes, at first I laughed when the country was still unaware of the severity of the situation but now I am frightened. Not only for the vulnerable people who’s immune systems are compromised, but also for those who suffer from poor mental health. There are many reasons why the above statement isn’t true. By no means am I talking on behalf of the whole Autistic community, so I would be interested to see how others feel about this.

  • Change and the unknown – I find this extremely stressful. Not knowing what is going to happen, how it will effect me and dealing with a new routine is by far the most difficult thing to deal with during this outbreak. Having no control over a situation can be hard.
    • Although autistic people find socialising quite stressful, being unable to converse with people is not healthy for anyone. Being left with your own thoughts for long periods of time can drive anyone mad and autistic people are no exception. Despite this, they may find it easier than extroverts who thrive on socialising.

As this is not something ANYONE has had to deal with before, I am sure throughout this process I will find more situations difficult and challenging. Over the next few months I am going to share my daily struggles and hopefully some helpful tips for anyone else feeling helpless during this awful time. The most important thing to remember is, autistic or not, you are not alone. We are all going through this together. And as well as looking after the vulnerable people in your community, you should not forget to look after your own physical and mental health.

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