I jumped in to things and didn’t introduce myself. So, welcome to my blog I guess? I hate doing introductions and find them slightly patronising, so I will make this as brief as possible. I am 21 years old and was diagnosed with ASD in September 2019. In the time leading up to my diagnosis and after, I made a conscious effort to learn all about this spectrum and how it effects me. One thing I have noticed since receiving my diagnosis is there are little resources available for people my age on the spectrum. A lot of blogs, websites etc are aimed at parents with young children with ASD and although there are lots of people out there who I can relate to, they are difficult to find. I decided to create this blog to discuss my experiences with Autism. I wanted to use this platform as an outlet for me to talk about my feelings in a safe space, but if I can help anyone along the way that is definitely an added bonus. Although this blog will primarily look at ASD and my experiences, I will also be discussing mental health. I aim to post on here daily and would appreciate any questions, thoughts or suggestions as this could help me build my blog. See you soon.

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