The moment my mum and I finally heard the words “you are autistic” was a moment I will never forget. After living undiagnosed for 21 years and feeling like I didn’t fit in anywhere, I finally felt I did fit in somewhere. The weight that was dragging me down throughout school, college and work had finally been lifted. There are many people who believe a diagnosis is ‘pointless’ and I cannot disagree more with this statement. I didn’t feel it made little impact on my life. If anything, I felt I was finally able to start living. Don’t get me wrong, a diagnosis doesn’t fix you – because you cannot be fixed. But if you can learn to love yourself, you will eventually realise you wouldn’t want to be ‘fixed’ even if the option was there. You are you. I am me. And I am learning new things about myself each day, which is sometimes difficult but mostly beautiful.

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